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Do you need a WOW FACTOR that will help you sell more jobs? Are you looking for ways to increase your market share and attain the success you envisioned when you started your business? Tyvarian can help you accomplish your goals by providing a new product line and a new way of doing things in the cast polymer industry. Tyvarian will provide you with both manufacturing and business training in this exciting new product. 

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Tyvarian cultured marble is an innovative bathroom surface that is manufactured using patented technology. It incorporates high-definition images into a protective clear resin topcoat backed by a marble matrix. Tyvarian’s frequently-expanding color library provides looks that your customers will fall in love with: natural stone, granite, travertine, onyx and other styles—all available in both polished and matte finishes.


Tyvarian is a completely new and unique process that uses imaging technology to provide superior product performance and a simplified manufacturing process—especially when compared to the traditional sublimation process. The breakthrough technique that transfers the high-resolution image into the protective resin does not require expensive equipment, additional labor time, sublimation or high temperatures.

Whether you are new to imaging or you already utilize sublimation imaging with a heat press, we have good news: We can teach you how to use this simple process to embed our high-definition images into cultured marble in the same amount of time it takes to produce traditional cultured marble. This process works both in the larger shops that utilize assembly line layouts as well as in the smaller shops that only have a few employees and minimal tables.

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Become a dealer today and see how this innovative product line, that imbeds high-definition images into cultured marble, can provide your company more color, style, profit and quality.  All without additional expensive equipment! Tyvarian products can work in the smallest shops with minimal tables as well as in production shops with an assembly line layout.

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